People of Yorkville

If you’ve ever seen Humans of New York, you’ll immediately get the idea behind People of Yorkville, adding in its own twists and turns. Once named Yorkville, today York claims the second largest historic district in the state of South Carolina, beaten only by Charleston. Also known as the Charleston of the Upstate, this little town holds its own in personality and southern flavor. People of Yorkville opens a window into what makes York unique, charming, complicated, and ultimately unforgettable.

Posts labeled by title in the order shared on Facebook and Instagram:

Ronnie Bailes – The Men’s Shop

Joe Hardin – Downtown Music Lessons and More

Anita Hardin – Downtown Music Lessons and More

Mike Foster – Modern Rehab (Formerly known as York Vintage Thrift and Restoration)

Jennifer Shull – Life After Lemons Candy Store

Frank’s Jewelers

Holley Steele of The Beaded Dragon

Penny Moss of Penee

Kenny Childers and Jordan Garrett of Dogma and Fetch

Chantha Kaing of Rainbow Donuts

Cagney Larkin of Sylvia Theater

Penny Lemberger of Palmetto Rose Mercantile

Locked in Arthur’s Cooler… A Tribute to Black’s Peaches

Ken Carpenter of Ken’s Barber Shop

Lorie Cassidy Cooper of Ken’s Barbershop