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Christmas Eve

Ash Wednesday

Lent and Shopping

The Church with Bluegrass

Making Room for Resurrection

Why Not Me?

Being Jesus

I told a friend recently that I wish I could wake up on Sunday mornings, stay in my pajamas, waltz right through the ten o’clock hour with coffee and my laptop, and never feel a twinge of guilt for missing church.  What freedom that must be!

But the truth is, the mornings I get up and go to church, I feel better.

And Not because my guilt has been assuaged for a week.

It is Nourishing to hear God while in communion with people from my community and actively do something vulnerable together.  To Pray.  Seems like a simple act, silly to some.  But it really is a place of vulnerability in its simplicity.  Prayer is the place we open our hearts and defer to God.  We converse with a being overwhelming in nature and comforting to the soul.  And we talk to God about some of the toughest things life throws at us, and we do it together.  So church.  It is life giving.  And worth every bit of effort.

Now, my spirituality doesn’t stop at church.  It is a thread that runs through my whole life.  Sometimes threadbare.  Sometimes strong as nautical rope.  But always beckoning.  Always.  And writing is a way for me to make sense of my spiritual journey.  Has been for a long time.  In fact, I used to write a blog called Bandannas and Cloth.  It started because of a calling I heard from God the year before I started the blog.  I rarely still post there. And. Yet. I still need a spiritual place. So I have instead given Spirituality a page here. I hope you enjoy.


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