Life of Fred Mathematics

There are certain math curriculums that make learning miserable.  Kill joy.  Take the smiles and turn those suckers upside down.

And then there is Life of Fred.

Life of Fred is written by an old math teacher, Stanley Schmidt.  It is the ongoing story of Fred, a mathematics professor at Kittens University.  Fred is also five years old.  Kid genius.  Sleeps under his desk.  Gets himself into ridiculous situations.  Constantly needs mathematics in order to extricate himself from said situations.  Oh, and Fred doesn’t have parents.

Each chapter is a lesson.  At the end of each chapter is a your turn to play.  Every day, my kids grab Life of Fred first.  Can’t wait to get started on math.  When the new books arrive in the mail, they sit at the kitchen table to have a ceremonious opening of the package.  Math is THAT exciting.

We discovered Life of Fred after suffering through two months of another popular homeschool math curriculum.  We all sighed audibly when it was time for math, and each day a little bit of happiness died in all of us.  Math can be THAT miserable.  Even to me, and I love mathematics.  But one day, a sweet savior, another homeschool mom, recommended we order just one book from Mr. Schmidt.  We jumped on an opportunity to do any. thing. else.

This coming week, we have friends coming over to the house for a Life of Fred Day.  We are introducing our fifth family in two years to Life of Fred.  We love mathematics enough to actually have a play day centered around it.   Fred really is that much fun.

So, looking for a mathematics curriculum?  I recommend Life of Fred, by Stanley Schmidt.  To preview and order his books, visit