Mike Foster – Modern Rehab (Formerly York Vintage Thrift and Restoration)

Mike - Vintage Thrift
Mike Foster

MF: So essentially I’m moving. I’m moving from a box, a brick and mortar to online. (The new store will have a) Different name – Modern Rehab.

It’s going to be in three parts – the first component would be vintage clothing, second is vintage decor, collectibles, maybe small home wares, home goods. The third is going to be for local and that will be furniture that I refinish and pieces like that. The other element for the clothing is I want to be able to allow for a pop up shop. Pop up shop is like just what it sounds like. You’re there for a day, two days.

Mike - Vintage Thrift 2


Biggest Struggle?

MF: On the surface, I would say the financial end of it. It quite a bear to keep up with it. But that’s just on the surface. But the amount of work that I do that goes into finding the items to get them and then, it’s just an incredible amount of work. So I’m going to buy, like, early mornings, late evenings, and then I’m fixing it and preparing it to be on the show room and then I have to do all the work for the showroom and then there’s all the book work, so it’s sixty, seventy hours a week. So that’s an incredible amount of time it takes to do the job and that’s behind the scenes that nobody sees. You know, you come down to the shop for an hour. That’s probably the biggest struggle. And time management. But the cool thing is I’ve learned so much.

Mike Vintage Thrift 3

What is your best part of being in downtown York?

The people. The whole spectrum, from you to I guess elderly and everybody in between. And so it’s cool to be able to meet so many people. That’s my favorite part of it. Just meeting people. Being involved I guess, in the community by learning their story, knowing them and being able to share with them too and participate in life together. I love that.

Mike Vintage Thrift 4

A moment?

Many of the same type of thing, and that is a lot of people come in and they’re down, they’re broken hearted, something has happened to them and they share with me and I have the opportunity to pray with them, to give them words of wisdom, words of kindness and just love on them and that…that is… that is the highest, the peak of it all. All this other stuff, if I were to do all this for just that one person, I don’t care how much work I’ve done, I don’t care, that’s a high. And you can’t touch that high. And I’ve had that experience, oh gosh, twenty times, fifty times? I don’t know. A lot. And I love it. I’ll chase that feeling.

**Contact Mike at ModernRehabClothing@gmail.com This page will be updated as he launches his new online business.**


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