Anita Hardin – Downtown Music Lessons and More

Anita Hardin - Downtown Music

(Anita, standing at the ice cream counter. Downtown Music is more than a music store; it’s a local hangout and a great place to grab an afternoon cup o’joe or treat as well.)

Happiest Moment?

AH: Being able to have the grandkids come in here with us.

JH: Kids and grandkids can still come in while we’re working. It’s not like we’re in a factory and nobody can get to you. Here, even if we’re doing something, it don’t stop the grandkids from coming up and grabbing your leg.

AH: And eating ice cream!

Biggest change?

AH: There is no downtown York anymore. The big box stores have taken over and we don’t have the down home down here.

Opportunity for someone wanting to come into downtown?

AH: It could be done so easy. It’s so close. A few more good stores and it would be back. And everybody cooperating and not fighting each other.

…..Any kind of craft store or specialty store of any kind, where you can’t go anywhere else and get it. That’s why people come to us. 

Please visit Anita Hardin and Joe Hardin at the shop or online at


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